About The Rogue Writer

The Rogue Writer is originally under the blog “Tech Philosopher”. It was s support blog for an online technical support company that handles almost all issues in software problems, and supports all brands of computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and all any other gadgets.

The Editor behind the Rogue Writer is a wide reader of books and newspapers. He has a passion for Philosophy and Critical Thinking. He is a fan of philosophers like Friedrich Nietzsche, Albert Camus, Bertrand Russell, and Jean-Paul Sartre. He has a passion for writing too.

The Rogue Writer, as the Editor calls himself, is aware of the fast change happening around us and thought of not just sticking to the traditional way. The Editor of Gadget Pilipinas introduced him into a new way of writing and interacting with people—the Social Media. He soon realized the social media has been part of everyone’s life nowadays, the best medium to interact and be involved with the things and what’s happening around us.

bu. It is known to everyone that the traditional source of information and social interaction, aside from books, are the Television, Radio, and Newspaper. The audience of these three media sources are becoming less and less every day, and shifting to the easier and more accessible method which is the Social Media. Soon, what we know as the “Traditional Source” of information will become obsolete and extinct.

The Rogue Writer’s thrusts is to let everyone understand the value and essence the things around them. That that there is a lot more to discover, from the gadgets that they use, up to the things that they least expect to happen.

The Rogue Writer firmly believes that the Social Media will soon be part of the Tradition, just as Television, Radio, and Newspaper are used to be.